• Withstands harsh environments without fading, curling, or warping.
    SYNAPS OM 5 mil.

SYNAPS OM is a next generation synthetic print media made from high grade polyester film, not vinyl. Polyester films have superior dimensional stability and unmatched lay-flat characteristics. The result: great looking prints that hold their shape and color without extra laminating or mounting. With SYNAPSOM you can say goodbye to bowing, curling, delaminating and fading, in the toughest environments, inside or out.


Lays flat, stays flat, even after rolling
Waterproof and weather resistant
Superior alternative to lamination
Dries and cure fast
Fade resistant and tear proof
Easy to use and finish
Double sided matte finish


Printable with UV inkjet, latex and screen printers
No warping or edge curling
No lamination required
PVC and glare free


Trade show graphics
Wide format banners
Point of purchase signage
Indoor and outdoor prints
Hanging signs


SYNAPS OM is a next generation synthetic film made from high grade polyester, not vinyl. The stability and weatherproof qualities of the material allow for a variety of applications including point of sale displays, wide format banners, indoor and outdoor prints, trade show graphics, retractable banner stands, and hanging signage that won’t bow, curl, delaminate or fade.

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