Including a polyester backlit display in your next ad campaign is an investment. Make the most of it with a portfolio of media designed specifically for today’s top print technologies. Our next generation LumaPrint® translucent backlit polyester films are offered in three unique grades, each with a print surface redesigned from the ground up for richer colors, deeper blacks, and brilliant contrast, day or night.

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Translucent polyester base stock
Matte, water resistant, double layered coatings
PVC-free base material and coatings


High white point
Wide color gamut
Three unique products specific for different printing platform
Richer blacks
300+ printer profiles


Indoor and outdoor backlit displays
Trade show graphics
Point-of-sale displays


Our eye-catching print media solutions help print providers transform ordinary prints into extraordinary prints. Using our print media will help make sure your marketing messages are noticed, read and remembered.

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