Printing on EZ Erase

EZ Erase is a metalized dry erase vinyl whiteboard film perfect for commercial and home applications. Coated with a semi-permanent pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive, EZ Erase is easy to apply on flat, dry surfaces and easy to remove. Designed for interior applications, EZ Erase may be written upon with recommended dry erase type markers, such as the Quartet brand of pens.

EZ Erase is also printable using ecosolvent, solvent, latex and UV inkjet printers, as well as solvent and UV screen print inks. In fact, EZ Erase works with just about any type of digital printer and with any type of digital ink system EXCEPT water based inkjet inks.

Screen Printing:

In additional to digital printing, you can also screen print on EZ Erase with either a solvent based or UV curable vinyl ink. Some of the inks that painters have used successfully with EZ Erase are:

  • 3M 9700 UV Inks
  • Nazdar 3500 UV Inks
  • Sericol TM 11

Digital Printing

Print EZ Erase using a profile for White Intermediate High Gloss Vinyl at lower temperatures (35°-40). Settings may vary from one printer to another, and from one ink system to another.

Humidity and temperature control are critical! Make sure EZ Erase is at room temperature (70°F/21°C) prior to printing. Colder ambient temperatures could extend ink curing time. Refer to your ink manufacturer for specifications.

Wiping down EZ Erase with a lightly moistened towel prior to printing helps remove dust and other contaminants.

Please note that heavy concentrations of ink, especially ecosolvent inks, will contribute to shrinking and edge curl.

If you are printing with solvent or ecosolvent inks, never print edge-to-edge and never cut into the printed image. Doing so will result in edge curl. Always allow at least a 1/4" (6mm) boarder around any printed image to minimize shrinkage.

Before you start printing, make sure that you...

  • Thoroughly read the instructions that are included in each cartons of EZ Erase.
  • Test, Don't Guess. Whether you are digitally printing or screen printing, test and evaluate the compatibility of the ink and the film before going into production.
  • If you have any questions or need technical assistance, do not hesitate to call your distributor or call us directly. Our customer service and technical support personnel will make every effort to answer your questions quickly and efficiently. For emergency situations when you need an answer fast, please call our technical support hotline. If you call and leave a message on this reply service, messages received between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST are answered within an hour. In nearly all cases, our consultant Butch "Superfrog" Anton, will personally return your call. Our tool free number is (855) 786-3644.

This article was written by Jim Hingst, Business Development Manager-Technology for RTape Corp. and posted on Hingst Sign Post. 

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